The Crash Of MH370

The Crash Of MH370

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The Crash Of MH370 may well be one those groundbreaking accidents that change our way of thinking. This book is an analysis of the mystery that is the missing Malaysian Airlines 777, and one of the first to be published after the search concluded.

Unlike previous books about the ghost plane written by well-meaning amateur pilots and journalists, the author is an industry insider; an A380 captain with similar experience to the missing pilot.  Rarely do we hear from people within this industry. From pilots and air traffic controllers to crash investigators, their employment contracts stipulate: no media.

The Amazon Kindle bestseller examines the facts, who’s who, the flight and search. The latter half dispels the various theories, provides the author’s best guess as to what happened and delivers a list of thirteen urgent recommendations for the industry.

That James Nixon chose to release this book within months of his retirement means we are given a rare chance to peek behind the cockpit door.


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ISBN 978-0-9944760-3-6
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