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James Nixon

James Nixon retired at the top of his industry as an A380 Captain after flying for more than 31 years. His credits include nearly 18,000 flight hours and flying both Boeing and Airbus airliners since 1992. Prior to becoming a pilot he was a freelance writer and photographer for eight years. 

James won two awards for his part in a light plane rescue and his extensive career has involved working on industry committees and consulting groups.

He has been based with airlines in Australia, Malta, the U.K., Vietnam, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. 

An avid writer and photographer, James Nixon is author of four other books:

On Tour : Travels With An Airline Pilot”, HERE 1430 photographs and stories from behind the cockpit door. 

 … And That’s My Side of the Story”, a memoir to the crew of an Airbus which suffered an inflight engine failure, and 

Sleeping For Pilots & Cabin Crew (And Other Insomniacs)”, HERE a kindle best-seller which examines the twenty factors affecting sleep and the tips & tricks to enable you to sleep whenever you want.

"23 Tips To Survive A Long Flight", the bonus chapter in the "Sleeping" book which has grown to become a 132 page stand-alone guide.  

Since 1997 he has been running www.
jamesnixon.com, HERE a website specialising in photo-journalism which has been a valuable resource for those interested in aviation safety. 

After the collapse of Ansett Australia James ran the 
AnsettSTARS website, a resource-rich repository that helped employees as they faced an uncertain future.

CrammondMedia manages his media projects. James has been active on radio in Australia, as well as working on stories with Channel Seven News, the ABC, Channel Nine and Channel Ten's "The Project". He is available as a guest podcaster, after dinner speaker, university lecturer and will soon be releasing: "The Nixon Tapes Podcast".


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