23 Tips To Survive A Long Flight
23 Tips To Survive A Long Flight

23 Tips To Survive A Long Flight

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The 132 page guidebook designed to help you have the best long-haul travel experience. 

Compiled by a retired Airbus A380 Captain with 31 years flying experience, it details the planning required and advises the tips and tricks you can use to ensure a stress-free trip. 

As well as containing a handy checklist, it tells you how to defeat the effects of jet lag, keep out of jail, stay healthy, and win the seat-back war using nothing more than a piece of chocolate.

It has received wide acclaim worldwide as the bonus chapter in Sleeping For Pilots & Cabin Crew  (And Other Insomniacs) which became an Amazon bestseller.



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ISBN 978-0-9944760-7-4

5" x 8" trade paperback

132 pages